Professional images require perfection.

We photograph for catalogs, brochures, newspapers, billboards, posters, books, calendars, websites, and much more. At yours – or wherever you wish – in areas including people, fashion, products, architecture, industry, lifestyle, and events.

Additional Services

Drone Photography

Go the extra mile and put yourself above the competition with exclusive footage from the air. Aerial photography is much more impactful when dealing with real estate and is sure to catch the eye of anyone looking at your exposé. These images allow for unique perspectives and ensure that the character of larger properties is fully captured. It would be wise, for example, to display a large property, outdoor facility, unique plantation or extraordinary location in this clear and impressive manner.

Using our professional equipment, and years of experience, we are able to deliver aerial photography of high precision and resolution.

With our drone we can record videos in 4K 10-bit HDR and photos in high resolution.

Photo Editing

Our professional photo editing produces eye-catching pictures, which incite interest and emotion. Along with this, we work with photo montages, photo combination, free-form select, and color correction.
Thanks to our experience, we know all the technical tricks, which we employ with artistic finesse. In the end, you are left with the perfect image, which will impress any target audience.

Event Photos

Be remembered. Make your event unforgettable. Whether it be a company gathering, trade fair appearance, customer or association event – we ensure noteworthy photos for your website, magazine, or newsletter. As seasoned event photographers, our goal is not simply visual documentation, but much rather the capturing of emotion and mood. Rather than just being there, we are right in the middle of your event. The photographer adapts to the type of your event, and becomes part of the whole without being noticeable.
We are well accustomed to the procedures of events. When in the presence of notable personalities, artists, and celebrities, we always act courteous, forthcoming, and in the interest of the client.

Business Headshots

The high standard that you maintain in your business should come through in your photos.
We offer our corporate clients business and employee headshots, which can be used for websites, annual reports, and other publications. If you wish, we would be happy to come to your place of business.

Contact us for impactful business headshots!

Application Photos

If you’re planning a change in career or are new to the job market and would like an application photo that will make you stand out, contact us!
What does a great application photo look like?
It should be up-to-date and no more than 12 months old. No passport photos or full body images. Make eye contact with the potential viewer. Also important are:
  • a warm, welcoming smile
  • a face free of shadows
  • a natural skin color
  • a well kempt hairstyle
  • an uninhibited face
What should I wear for my application photo?
This depends on the position you are applying for. If it is for a development position, a suit won’t be necessary. In any case, your appearance should look well maintained. The image should be professionally shot and not taken out of the latest family photo album. A general rule: dress for the job you want, not the job you have!
What does a great application photo look like?
What does a great application photo look like?
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